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Employee Benefit Plans

JDS Professional Group has developed a professional practice group which focuses on performing employee benefit plan audits. Our ERISA practice group also provides compliance assistance in regard to Federal Form 5500 filings for company sponsored welfare benefit plans. Many plan sponsors have experienced increased cost for performance of these plan audits in recent years. Given these factors, our group has developed a focused approach to these engagements which provides several professional service advantages to our clients.

Consistent engagement staffing with professionals well versed in ERISA compliance and performance of ERISA-based employee benefit plan audits.

Efficient engagement procedures designed to minimize professionals costs and the time commitment required of your company's accounting and finance departments. Because of the focus of our practice group, we can frequently create significant professional costs savings for our clients; and

An established working relationship with most local and national plan administrators in order to facilitate receipt of plan data for the independent audit process.

Our employee benefit plan group continues to expand its practice base. We serve as independent auditors for many public and private companies to supplant their existing relationship with an international firm. In these instances, we limit our service to performance of the plan sponsor's employee benefit plan audit.